The OFFICIAL Jam week #109 discussion


Tips, tricks, bragging and banter. Bring it!


I think I see a little nasty scrub potential at track 2… :wink:


Really fun tracks this week :slight_smile: its nice to have a tvolapper again


I refuse to even look at them until the stream today haha. I like surprises!


Lets hope for a wicked stream with loadsa people! :slight_smile:

Everyone, be sure to check out


These tracks are fit for a king…but this week I’m feeling like royalty,lol…209.6 so far and opening day has just begun. Oh and the left thumb is healed so I’m back to 100%:smile::vertical_traffic_light::anchor:️:motorcycle:


Ouch! Now you’re ready to step up against master52 and zele :wink:


Haha, maybe in another 6 months, I mean I’m no slouch but those dudes are insane. @cREED22, @Monroe201, and svendgard are in that catagory as well, but it’s only been like 11 months I’ve been jammin and this game is easy to learn but seriously hard to @Master52😉


At first I didn’t really like them but now I love them even more than last week’s tracks.


Wow! That’s the first time anyone has said I’m on the same level as master52! I feel special lol


Hey guys, hope i can put in some time tomorrow! Been busy this week helping my cousin for his math test and work… tracks looking good again toh! And im in division 6 now, 5 more weeks^^


I will also be streaming the game myself tonight, so make sure you follow my twitch channel and turn notifications on


… said players of almost no mobile games that don’t start with “Mad Skills” …


I think that is what keeps everyone playing is trying to get better every week, I mean there is no “beating” this game. Obviously you can beat career but the fun thing is trying to master it


I thoroughly enjoy the element of surprise each week for the new tracks. These this week are going to be the death of me i think. im sitting at 184th on Go North and 202nd on Pi In The Sky, 153rd overall. I will definitely get better times on both before its over though


my phone broke…
aaight monday or tuesday Ill have a new phone well new… another s5


Yea I’m currently 164, and these tracks are def in my top 5 favorites as a pair so far, I can see ways to improve my times every run. Great job @JoeW723 and @allynbencen.


I like the “pi in the sky” track. im currently number 5 but there is still A LOT to improve. Also send me versus challenges or add me as a friend, usename : simenbmx


Wow, #5!! :open_mouth: Another superstar on the forum :smiley:
Your run looks pretty damn good!


Here is the most laggy video of me almost beating master52 ever:
i was ahead of master52 but then i failed
5 minutes after this happened i got a new run, number 2 in world now. the run is ok first lap, and 2nd lap was bad.