The OFFICIAL Jam week #108 discussion

Zele is back big time! If anyone could scrub that wall, he’d of course be the one!
@Master52 are you just gonna take that? :slight_smile:

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oeeeh I see 1st I was looking at rough riders didn’t see zele there assumed he had his name changed or sumthing. that move at the wall jump, insane! I was actually thinking about this big jump at the middle of rough rider that looked possible to me eheh, but this and zse743 also did that move. I might have to try this but 1st Ill get used to this weeks versus tracks I seen Scrub City was in there that’s like my all time favorite track <3

And now, ZSE743 steps up and kick zele’s butt with a half second! Sick!

@OnTheFrontLine I saw you took my time at Dino. So I decided to give it a shot, and it only took two shots to beat you :joy:
You have to defend your honor at Twitch tonight :wink:

Dude so I’ve been trying this new line on that track and IF I can hit it I think it’s going to be a magical thing.

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I think I have the same line in mind…
If you mean garbage scrub the finishline bump :wink:

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Yep :slight_smile:

Hey @Kipketer , i hit a better time this morning :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh boy, that means I gotta do even better! Well played sir… Im on it!

Edit: Just saw your run and man, it isnt even good, if it wasnt for that retardedly goodlookin garbage flip it would’nt be under 50 :tired_face:
I have to lay down a nasty scrub to beat you

Would you like some cheese with that whine?


Yes, please. Kind of you to ask.

I saw a brown blur streaking past you there. Would that be @OnTheFrontLine by any chance? :smile:

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:joy::joy::joy::+1:t2: i did some serious work on that one. I was jammin!

You can have it this week Justin, I passed out very early last night and missed a lot of grind hours. And now Im on the highway so no Jammin here Im afraid

Good job men :slight_smile:

For sure man. That track was going to be the death of me. I’ll see you guys this afternoon/evening for the new tracks!