The OFFICIAL Jam week #108 discussion

Cool to see you here!! Just so you know whenever I see your name “master52” I get the tune in my head from Metallica! Master of puppets song. Master🎶 Master🎶

Wow thease threads are getting fast! I’ll take my 1.51.4 and show myself out lol

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Hahaha that’s awesome

Just keep grinding. You’re one sec after me. Have that as your goal for now.

Dude, dont be like that, we’re all on different levels here :slight_smile: 1:51.4 aint bad at all!
And btw, noone can really compete with TEH MASTAH anyway. He is a human robot

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Hah its all good, pretty much a standard week for me but theres lots of improvement to be made. Working on the formula for that double birdshaw mention earlier, the times Ive made it over I usually manages to ride the back wheel over the small whoops before the run up and then hit the take off on the back wheel as well in order to get a little seat bounce effect, never got it right two times in one run tho.

As nclark said, speed! Its pretty much “just” a bump on the backwheel that needs to be done there

Next question. How do I set myself up to carry enough speed?

Those small whoops before the run up really slows you down, when I make it over I usually manages to jump short in the section before to build speed and ride though both whoop sections on the back wheel. If I then hits the off ramp on the back wheel in a good angle I just sail over.

What technique do you guys use going into lap 2? I try to brake hard and use the back side off the jump just before the line as a ramp but there are some nasty breaking bumps going into it :slight_smile:

I think we need another “Day in Master 52’s life of playing MSMX2” video to make sure you’re still not cheating :joy::joy:


@OnTheFrontLine too easy man, too.Easy! :smile: :bike:

I look forward to your comeback :wink:

Yeah give me a bit. I’ve been busy with real life things this week haha

I love making those videos! Just hard to get myself to make time to make another one. [quote=“ahammann85, post:32, topic:327”]
think we need another “Day in Master 52’s life of playing MSMX2” video to make sure you’re still not cheating :joy::joy:


Real life? WTF is that? But yeah, I noticed you haven’t been streaming anything since thursday. Step up man! I’m bored :slight_smile:

This picture speaks for everyone in here!

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Alright @Kipketer I just laid down a 57.534 on Rough Rider. Your move homie :joy:

The best part is I tried racing your time for almost an hour and couldn’t get you on the end of the track. I had you the entire race. I then raced my own best time and beat myself first try by almost 0.800 seconds

Thats pretty sick! Well done man… Some more days to go :slight_smile:

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I really like the tracks, but as we enter week two I always long for thursday. I’m pretty stuck as it is.

Congratulations on the first post of the week!
Keep up da good work… :wink:

I feel stuck to but I sense some monster garbage scrubs heading my way to cut some hundredths here and there :slight_smile: