The OFFICIAL Jam week #108 discussion

Aaaalrighty then, Jam round 108 is here, and ofc your weekly thread too! :slight_smile:

Good luck everyone, let the battles begin!

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NO JOE WHOOPS!!!:+1:t2::confetti_ball::100::two_hearts:


Hey guys can’t play yet looking forward to it tracks look like they’d really suit my style! Great job on the tracks & have fun guys

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At the second track; Dino, a genuine backscrub is on the to do-list :stuck_out_tongue:

Am I right @Birdshaw?

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Yeah man! Even I can back scrub there! :scream:

Looks like I’ll be home in about an hour! Depending on the traffic in amsterdan ofc… can be hell there.
Yall better be ready for me!

1 crazy lucky move!


Looks awesome! I have yet to find the golden formula for clearing those whoops.

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land perfectly on top of a whoop, or downside it while doin a wheely. I cant find my way over that dragonsback, I either overjump the next or come up short. and also those 5 jumps at the end I lost like half a second there in my top run… saw sixfootseven quads it, haven’t tried that yet. and also those 3 jumps with the high 1 in the midle after the whoops damn

ps: yal have the same problem, I can only play against myself when I try this blissy guy he messes me up he got a dif style… sixfootseven I can play against he got the same flow only the way he stretches it out in the air is dif but thats cool

got it into the 56s^^ still there’s a lot of places I can make up some time.
now charge my phone then put in some laps on the other track

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Crazy Dutch bastard! (Goldmember quote, not meant as an insult :slight_smile:)
Amazing run!

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improved my time on the 2nd track like 0.004 behind kudla now
Will pick up ma girl now gonna watch some horror movie, will be back!
but 1st leme shoot a lil vid
I already put in more attempts as I did last week

No more horror movies for me I think I shit myself lol

Hard for me to brag about setting a good time on the 2nd track when @cREED22 is on here now!

I’m really digging the tracks this week though. Both have nice flow to them!


Meh… I’m seconds off his time and hovering around top 1000 right now… And I’m very happy thus far :slight_smile:

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The way both you and master52 finish your runs with the scrub from the top of the wall, seems like you carry enough speed to land it far enough to continue the run at great speed, if you did it on lap one. I think there’s half a sec in it. @cREED22

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Anyone got any tips to nailing this long double. I get it so rarely and never twice in one run.

Speed :smirk:

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Worry no more everyone, I’m here! I like this forum thing. Will be useful


I had my 3 minutes of fame. Now the GOAT is on here :joy: :heart_eyes:

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All bow! Great to have you here Master :slight_smile:

Dont you worry child, you’re still #1 on the leaderboards right? :slight_smile: