The OFFICIAL Jam week #107 discussion


Time to roll the dice - welcome week 107, guys! :smile:

The new tracks are called Red Iron and Shark Island, designed by @JoeW723 and @rcboxer.

How do you like the new tracks?
What’s hard about them?

What are your goals this round?
Got any sweet tricks you want to share?

Will @svendsgard defend his #1 spot from last week?

Brag, whine, cry, chat - here’s this weeks thread for it! :slight_smile:

Poll: Which current game mode do you play the most?

:crossed_swords::boom::hocho::fire::rage: JOE!
Repeat after me. No hard whoops!!!


Just put in a couple of laps on Red Iron love the flow of this track.
just havin a little bit of trouble with the wall jump at the end I either brake 2 early or 2 late.
& can’t pull of a wheely after it. right now I just trow my bike head first into a whoop so I can scrub the last jump:joy:
I’m kinda busy today might try the other track tomorrow^^


It does have a nice flow. I’ll concede to that. :slight_smile:


Agreed!! First run through I could do nothing but shake my head like really?!?!? Again!?!?!


Lol those whoops are FUN stuff : )


When you go through them just make the sound of a 2-stroke 250 going through them!! Then they are awesome :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Red Iron is hands down the funnest and most well put together track since the game started. Keep up the good work guys! The hardest part is having enough self control to not hit that big single 5th gear tapped lmao.


I’m a big fan of Red Iron also. It’s got a great flow to it, and then the tricky wall at the end throws a wrench into things.


sup guys Hope yall having fun!
was gonna try to better my time on red iron but Im way to tired right now so better get some sleep.
first thing I do when I wake up check how many spots I dropped in the rankings lol.
couldn’t hep myself had to try shark island before going to sleep.


just killed this track, best I’ve ever done, let’s see what you got @Kipketer


You will see what I’ve got Steve! Having a hard time finding time these nextcoming days but I will try squeeze in some killer runs myself. So watch out!
And that goes for all of you :smile:


Your def a good rider man, I have no doubt u will do well :grimacing:


Oh, thanks :heart: :smile:


Looks like master52 is racing Jams this week.


Dude he was on fire last week too, last time I looked he placed ~25 on the global leaderboard.
With bike 9.

Bike 9!! :scream:


Wonder why he’s using the 9? So easy to get the 10.


He want everyone too see he still kick ass even with a slower bike. Thats a reason as good as anything :smile:


If that’s true, it’s pretty badass.


Im just guessing :grin:

I would sure as heck do that if I was the MASTER :wink: