The OFFICIAL Jam week #106 discussion

Eat, sleep, race, repeat - week 106 is here - neat :smiley:

The tracks are called Lone Star and Funslinger, designed by @JoeW723 and @rcboxer.

What are your goals?
Is this going to be THE week for you?

How do you like the new tracks?
What’s hard about them?
Got any sweet tricks you want to share?

Will ZSE743 and Ryo555 stay on top?

Brag, whine, cry - lets go! :smile:

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About 99% of my Funslinger attempts will be trying to double-double-quad at the beginning, before I finally decide on Wednesday afternoon that I can’t do it. LOL


I didn’t even think that was possible when building it. But I did just come really close. I got the front wheel over but slightly cased it. Scrubbing the second double is a must to have enough speed : )

I’ve been trying that line for a little bit. Definitely have to hit it perfect. I made it twice good enough to ride it out, but my ghost taking the regular double line was always right next to me.

As for the other track, I think I need to fire my suspension guy, because I can’t get my bike to launch itself 60 feet out of a set of whoops. :frowning:

If your ghost is next to me after the first 10 seconds, it means I’m having the ride of my life. LOL

Did you guys see Uncleal, the way he takes on the first whoops at Lone Star?? Wicked :smiley:

I just watched it. Already set a faster lap using it. Actually a lot easier then trying to pull a wheelie into the whoops! Now I just have to clean up the rest of the track.

I saw your run on Lone Star and you nail landing IN the mini whoops, even though Im not sure thats the “correct” line :wink:
You did pick up good speed and I still havent won against you…

Lmao, I hear you man :smiley: The guy is a beast

That was such a total accident, I was in the air thinking “Oh, yeah, brakes!” The next thing I knew I was flying through the air again thinking “Hmm, that actually worked!”

The problem is now I can’t get within 2 seconds of my own time. :frowning:

Lol! Yeah thats a bummer! You’ll get there :wink:
I sent you a :vs: challenge btw

Damn you’re right, I nailed it in my first attempt and changed 46.5 to 44.9 :fearful:

Really cool way to take on whoops, never knew this trick before I saw his run and then you said it was easy. I thought Uncleal messed up and got lucky, but now I know he did it on purpose :smiley:

You pro guys are great to have around!

Edit: 44.3 just now when I killed Rader502. #23 globally woot

Dang I did it first try too!! LoL cool tip!!

Sweet man!

For all you non Premium guys who might wonder what the heck we’re talking about, and wonder what to do to improve your runs with seconds, I pulled together a small clip.

And yes, it’s L.A Style - James Brown Is Dead goin on in the background :slightly_smiling:

I’m sure you designed it that way @JoeW723 :wink:

I got down to a 44.3 also. I think I’ll have a 43 by the end of the weekend.

That didn’t take long! Down to a 43.9 so far!

Didn’t design it that way, but I knew someone would nail it. They always do with whoops like that.

I think I speak for all us non premium grinders when I say thanks for the clip kip :slight_smile:
Finally manage to push my total down in the high 1.24’s witch is way better then I usually do :slight_smile:
Now if only I could stop sucking so bad at the mid section of the track I could cut another half a second at least but still… :slight_smile:

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One great thing about this forum is that we all can meet and give eachother hints and help.
So Im just glad I could help this week, even though I should have zero cred for the line I did not invent :stuck_out_tongue:

Im at 1:22.7 at the moment :slightly_smiling: