The OFFICIAL Jam week #105 discussion

Ok, week 105 has arrived! :smiley:

How do you like the new tracks?
What’s hard about them?
Got any sweet tricks you want to share?
Any thoughs you may have, here is where to put them :slight_smile:

The second track is just frustrating, Im sure i’ll change my mind once I get a decent lap in, but right now I cant help but wonder "whats the point of this"
I find the flow for a couple of sections and then I wad up, every time :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve only tried them out a few times at work today, but one thing is for sure and that is that the second track makes me wanna throw the phone through the windshield of my truck and pray it hit some idiot right in the face.

Get Premium and watch the top runs, it sure helps a lot :slightly_smiling:

I kinda liked track 1, even though it had two whoop sections.

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Track one has a nice flow to it :slight_smile:

But track two, Im 300 attempts in and have reached the checkers like a couple of times. Isnt this s**t supposed to be for kids? Lol

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I doubt that was ever the plan. :slight_smile:



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Track two is the devil…and I CAN’T STOP PLAYING IT! I think I have a line…then, nope, try again.

I know! I’m at 700 tries allready. But I finally got a 1:10.4 time, so I don’t HAVE to play it anymore. Probably will though.

Ha! Im 1000+ attempts in and Im at 1.13.8 #rage
Took me a good while to figure out first lap and even now i make past half way point maybe 1 in 40 attempts. Getting the rythm right going into lap 2 is a bi**h! Track obviously created by an evil genious lol

Im at 1:09.262 after 800 attempts. Im planning for cutting it at least a second :wink: :older_man:

Over 1000 attempts and its only saturday, you thumbs must be bleeding :smiley:
If you land perfect at the top of the downhill into final lap you get the speed needed for clearing the tech part we all struggle with. You might not clear it everytime but I’ve noticed the bike pretty much takes care of business on his own when getting some speed into that part.

@onthefrontline you have to step it up a notch rookie, I will pass you in a very near future! :wink:
Im 15m ahead before I mess up at the middle of final lap.

Just a little warning, you gonna need more magic soon :slight_smile:

@Kipketer I actually haven’t played track 2 since Thursday. I need to get back on it!

You’ll probably beat the time, but what you almost did in 800 tries, he did in like 20. I’m not sure I like that guy, @OnTheFrontLine :slight_smile:

I’ll try warp speed going into final lap, thanks for the tip kip :wink:
most attempts ends less than ten seconds in when I mess up the last jump to clear that lip before the run up to the bigger jumps.
Plus a few times when ive got it just right and carry way to much speed into the first big jump and flat land the uphill :s
Anyway thumb pump status moderate :smiley:

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And just like that, two full seconds cut in one run :slight_smile: still loads of improvement to be made

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Sweet dude! You’re an up n rising star man :smiley:

850 attemps…