The OFFICIAL Jam week #104 discussion

How do you like the new tracks? What’s hard about them? Got any sweet tricks you want to share? Any thoughs you may have, here is where to put them.

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I like them both. Joe hasn’t gone overboard with his whoops of doom and the track feels fast and flowy.
Clfitty’s track is challenging and fun to drive. Anybody have the golden formula for hitting the right line coming into lap two?

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Jam week 104 makes 2 years of fresh weekly jams right? Hard to imagine how much time I’ve played this game during that time. Thanks to all the devs and congrats!


I love the first track! Already did 300 attempts :slight_smile: Good job Joe!

Have’nt tried the second one yet

For me, at around 800-1000 attemps a week, that makes around 100.000 times I’ve pressed the little “I messed up” button. Damn.

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One of the guys looked mine up today and i am 63,000+ attempts on jam since it started :joy:

I had Bryan do it aswell and I was overestimating my early dedication. So it’s not 100k but 52k. About half of what I was expecting, but holy crap that’s still a lot!

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i was blown away as well. i REALLY need to go outside!

Outside is overrated. There are rarely any interesting quests and the NPCs never drop any good loot.

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:joy: :+1:

Really challanging tracks this week, and really fun! Trying to get into the 1.59’s total time, need to improve both tracks! Think the key to a fast lap on track 2 is to jump all the way to the second landing going into lap 2, havent made it all the way over yet

Yeah… Thats the problem. You need to carry an awfull amount of speed.

Yup! I have cased it and lost momentum, thats the closest so far

Just do as svendsgard and you’ll be alright boys :smiley:

Strangely, on my best lap so far (1:11.5), I barely came up short on the jump going into lap 2. This slowed me down just enough to not overjump the next one. The one time I cleared it, ended up landing at the bottom of next downhill and lost my momentum there. So I guess the real key is to clear it and then remember to slow down before launching off the next one, but I can guarantee I’ll never remember that on the 1% that I successfully clear it. LOL

Yeah Im at 1.12.8, figure its worth about a second to nail it.
Im also a full second behind kipketer on the first track so I need to step up my game :wink:
Im not premium eligble so I cant watch svendsgard perform his magic, but even if I could I doubt it would help me much :smiley:

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When your friend’s first try crushes the time you spend hours to get, you have to be gracefull.

Yeah haha, thats pretty much how all our conversations go.
Im being calm, reasonable and polite while you are just being… well, you.

Had that not been completely true I would call you a filthy liar!

That’s a good laugh to start my day guys. I still haven’t been able to make the jump on lap 2 yet. Here’s to trying some more.