The OFFICIAL Jam week #103 discussion

Dude! Don’t encurage him! :slightly_smiling:

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Haven’t you done that… A few times? :joy:

See mine aren’t so bad.
These are the whoops for this weeks SX track.


If softer whoops mean less realism, then lets make the game less real :slightly_smiling:
But to be fair, your hard whoops this week are way easier than last week.

Im in bad shape at the moment, having troubles with both tracks.
I will eventually nail a backscrub or two at Sewer and carry away over them damn whoops at Top End :smiley:
I mean its only sunday, many days left to improve

LoL so cool!!


These are much more tame, hope you enjoy them @Birdshaw :slight_smile:


Wonder if he will like these :wink:


Whoa pic looks messed unless I tap picture.

That’s more rollers than whoops :slight_smile:

Lol ya they are big. You go through them like whoops. They are fun and actually not hard.

They look like fun! :slight_smile:

Tracks are fun every week! But Im just as bad riding the back wheel in game as I am in real life lol. Struggling to get into the 1.49’s right now, I never seem to put a good run together, flashes of luck/brilliance gets flushed right down the drain as I funk up some other section every time :stuck_out_tongue:

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I feel you. My time on track one is allright, but I’m having a hard time on lap two of track two.
On another note, if you are around the 1.50 mark you should get into div 1 easy.

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The whoops are my favorite! The harder the better. I often times find them difficult to get through but that’s what makes them so awesome!


Welcome to our new forum!

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Welcome my new mortal enemy!
Just kidding. Great to have you! :slight_smile:


Finally made the 45 on [B]Top Step[/B], placed 160 there. Only took me about 1200 attempts lol!

Gonna race [B]Sewer[/B] now til my hands gets numb… :smiley: