The OFFICIAL Jam week #103 discussion


How about a weekly thread about The current jam tracks? Thoughts, tips and tricks, and so on.


A topic for this week’s discussion could be: "Should Joe be banned from using hard whoops for a while?


Good idea, I would love to have a weekly thread like this.

And I am so on your side in Hard Whoopsgate :smiley:


I think this could be a great idea for people struggling with Jam, give them a chance to get some ideas for lines etc…


Absolutely. In fact, I just changed the name of this thread accordingly. Let’s follow this convention each week. If any user ever creates a second topic relating to this official thread, we’ll just merge the threads.


I think @JoeW723 should start these threads so there is no confusion who’s responsibility it is :slightly_smiling:
and we get a consistent naming convention


Yeah, Joe or I will do it.

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Those whoops aren’t that bad! Have to make them realistic :grinning:


If one day I break my phone playing one of your whoopie maps (and that is entirely possible), I’m sending you a bill :slight_smile:


That’s fine, I’ll just forward it to @tobias :grinning:


You can send it to our inbox :troll:


Hey guys sthofhvn1 here in Las Vegas,I have a bunch of guys that do struggle with all the jam tracks,I’m normally top 5 here in Nevada and help them as much as possible I’ll turn them on to this


How exactly do they struggle? Are the tracks too hard? Or are they just struggling to be at the top of the leaderboards? Because I struggle with that and I make half the tracks :joy:


It’s the whoops, Joe… It’s the whoops :smile:


Lean back, it’s easy!


On normal whoops, yes. On your pointy whoops of doom half the time you’ll just go flying.


I could be a real jerk and put them at the very end.


You’ve done that before :slight_smile:


I like challenging whoops. When they are real pointy its tough but still usually I can figure them out. Sometimes keeping the front wheel on the ground helps.