The Official DTR sign-up thread

THR is the same as any other team but if your wanting all this free stuff you need to be a beta tester and they are not exepting testers right now but since your on team DTR when a spot opens you will be notified. @Brody_Hruby and like i said your name will be changed to DTR_LALABOYZ on Sunday

can i be a betatester

they r not accepting right now

i am not even a beta tester. do you want to race me on versus i have some free time.

@Brody_Hruby Iā€™m sorry for the slow time at first I thought you might be slow but here is a time you should be able to have fun racing. You are now DTR co-president

it is ok

try to beat my time on golding barn i am in 7th in the world

ok your jam times are pretty good

how old are you? Iā€™m 14

@Brody_Hruby I beat your time on Golding barn Iā€™m 3rd in the world

try to beat my time on golding barn. good luck @Brody_Hruby

and im 11 and i will try

can i be a beta tester

Good one :sweat_smile: @THR_JQuick32

what do you mean top ten?

is myname changed

@Brody_Hruby yeah buddy your DTR_LALABOYZ

show me

it says that it isnt

@Brody_Hruby when you go to versus click on the button saying my profile it will be on the bottom left it will say DTR_LALABOYZ