The Official DTR sign-up thread

DTR is now Accepting riders on MSMX2. my in-game name is THR_DTR218. first to join is co-president of DTR.

if you have any questions let me know.

to join DTR let me know your name currently and what you want it to be like here is an example
DTR_Sonicspeed, or DTR_Spaz

Hello, i would like my name changed from lalaboyz to DTR_LALABOYZ

and when i get my name changed can i have the world championship 1000 winners helmet



hey @Brody_Hruby I on behalf of the DTR Team welcome you to the Team!

@Brody_Hruby your name will be changed on Sunday.


hey @Brody_Hruby try and get more advertisement out about Team DTR plz!

i would be very happy if i would get the 1000 winners helmet and am in top 1000

and race me with bike 12 thr_DTR218

ok I will race you. I checked and you were not in top 1000 at the world championship.

give me 15 minutes and ill race you.

can i have the uni corn helmet

birdshaw made it so its not mine to give sorry

why do you want to join THR?

@Thr_Dtr218 I know how to change my in game name, it’s my Forum username that I want changed.

can i join thr