The OFFICIAL CHRISTMAS Jam week #149 discussion

Say hello to Jam week #149

The tracks this week are created by @JoeW723 and @THR_Birdshaw / @OnTheFrontline and are called Hypothermia and Birdshawshank Redemption

You know what to do… Keep the spirit alive and good luck to ya’ll ladies! :slight_smile:

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This week’s Target: stay atop Shaw in his track and possibly, overall. :wink:

Comments about track later when I race 'em

Birdshawshank Redemption: a wheelie track with a little King Climb theme. Everybody can ride.

I cant figure the first stepup out on birdshawshank redemption. Bike 11 i see people leaning forward and boostn off like bike 10 but it aint workin for me :cry::sob::sob::joy:

The King Climb theme is correctly guessed. I designed it expertly during an icredibly boring meeting. It was supposed to be multilap but Justin blew it up so it became HUGE!
For instance the huge dips after the step up were supposed to be tables. :grinning:But we rolled with it and this is what we got. I like it.


Damn! New 11 made it WAY easier!

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Update your app bro! Leaning works with the new bike 11

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Fired up!

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Sup dude? :smile:



Dude thats exactly how I did Kip Da Whip. Coincident?

is it just me or is the very first jump on Hypothermia impossible? Before I updated the game I could easily make it without casing it but I just can’t now…

The new updated bike 11 is a TINY bit slower on take off. It is hard jump to clear but if you seat bounce it correctly it will clear it.

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This might be a little easier for you. Kudla scrub the first one, bounce your tire off and land in the dip. It’s actually a lot faster, too.


Thats what the forum is all about right thurr @LesterWire, helping eachother out! :two_hearts:

Btw, Birdshawshank Redemption is the worst piece of shit track in a long while!
It got everything that could possibly be on the “Stuff to put in a sucky ass boring track in Madskills Motocross 2” list of 2016…

  1. No technical stuff whatsoever.
  2. Meaningless whoops, they’re just a big MEH; they arent even a little hard.
  3. Its clearly a bad copy of the King Climb tracks way to go with the creativity there young Birdshaw :clap: :clap:
  4. Looong big jumps with too much airtime. Put in a fkn lip, gap, edge or something man?!
    4.5. Wtf is the point of the two finishing big jumps?!
    4.8. Clearly a noob track, sketched up by even a bigger noob.
  5. Lamest trackname ever!

It must have been a pain putting his name to this CRAP TRACK for @OnTheFrontLine. I feel for him.
Dont ever let Birdshaw tell you how to design a track again, PLZ!


Birdshaw doesn’t like technical. We all know this. I expected it to be flat. :joy:

Hypothermia makes up for the lacking technicality that birdshaw left out of his.

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I like tech actually. I just don’t like whoops.

And @Kipketer… You can swing on my balls.


This is the best and truest thing i’ve ever read. Sorry birdshaw but this is honestly the shittiest track i’ve ever set wheels on haha


Take red instead of blue and that massive jump is easier to clear.

That’s true. I noticed it. Before updating, Ride Joe’s track first :wink: