The official cash jam retro week "constructive" critisism thread

Ok… I’m back. I have now played on bike 7 for a few days. I still pure straight hate it. There is a reason Turborilla made better bikes. You know that reason? The are better, faster, and more fun to ride. Who watches the damn Clio Cup when Formula 1 is on?
So all the other players here at the forum; what do you think?

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Im glad its over :slight_smile:

I wish the gravity/heavy bikes BS was over too :slight_smile:

Most of all I hope to never again see an impossible wall (that you on purpose have to crash to get restarted on top of for 20 laps in an $3 Endurance race) combined with real money races :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Other than that, Im alright :slight_smile:
There’s something “constructive” for ya’ll



Retro week is going to be over on Sunday, after that I’ll look in to and evaluate the results from it to see if it was popular or not :slight_smile:

I’ll gladly take input here from you guys at the forum, but you also have to remember very few % of the active players are here (I would be more than happy if everyone is here, but that’s unfortunately not the case).

To @Kipketer - Impossible walls is a fair point, not gonna be any more of that. Gravity challenges will be specials from here and there though, clearly stated before.

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I know we are a small group, but a group of the most dedicated players, which should pull a little weight. How do you plan to evaluate aside from this thread?

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Of course you put a lot of weight, as well as other players I have constant talk with that are not here (you see them all the time in the Dailies) :slight_smile:

We have a lot of planned for cash modes in the future (You’re gonna love some of the features), usually before that we send out mail to the dedicated guys to get input, going to include retro week input as well.

Besides that I can see it from data points: Activity, Unique players, amount of retries, revenue and so on that is more of “hard facts” rather than “soft” feelings.

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That’s the one I have my money on.

I kinda thought the impossiwall was a fun idea, but it has no place in a money challange.
Same thing goes for the heavy, gravity modes etc.
I think it affects us lesser skilled riders, a lot more so than the pro’s, they are good enough to compensate and adapt to the weirdness of the physics a lot faster.
Plus, they have the speed to ‘afford’ more attempts than us mere mortals that fight over the back end of the money pot as their payback is greater.

I could see thease ideas being used under low cost, low reward challanges as I do applaud the unconventional ideas. Especially as I suggested the gravity mode over a year ago on this forum :smile:

About the gravity mode… have you noticed that It’s just half speed?