The OFFICIAL BMX2 Jam Week #9 Discussion


HOLY SMOKES! IT HAPPENED! IT FINALLY HAPPENED! Mad Skills BMX 2 is out world wide!!!

If you are one of the thousands of new players and somehow found you way into our little cave here, WELCOME!!! All you other old assholes are welcome aswell.

The tracks this week are Take Off and Bumblebee. Now go race and tell every single one of your friends to do the same!!!


Not a bad week start :sunglasses: :facepunch:


There’s a lot of room for improvements :smiley: but a pretty good start. Although the week only just begun :wink:
Now @JoeW723 and @Bgreer115 get grinding :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So seeing as mad skills BMX2 has just come out world wide I thought I’d make a new account and do a road to bike 7 series, go check out the first episode!


I’m on bike 4 trying to get to 5 a trick is don’t upgrade anything and save up.


Yeah and maybe spend a couple of bucks on gold


Yep. Just put in clean runs. Bikes start getting expensive and your not making any much more in each race, focusing on a pay to play game. Instead of unlocking the bike and going back salvaging every penny you can get, or just paying(which you shouldnt do) Dont upgrade, alittle skill, time, and effort and you’ll be at max in no time.


That’s what I’ve been doing the more I play the more I learn the more skill I get the more I progress.


Loving this game though.


Will the tapping thing that lets you go faster be removed from bmx2. Because its getting a little frustrating having to tap to go fast.


It might be removed…they’re thinking about fixing some stuff like the bunny hopping but im not sure theres a final decision about that stuff yet


how does this tapping thing work?


When going down hill or flat you tap the everloving shit out of the down button


Hope they do. Its abit silly lol i do it but still :joy:


How do you beat the level 5-12 on bike 5?


mxl charly in 6th I see. he was top 10 on mx vs atv reflex back in the day. Especially on the outdoor tracks.


Git gud


Ummm I don’t think so that would be cool though just destroy some people on bike 1 or 2.



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