The OFFICIAL BMX2 Jam Week #10 Discussion


Aww maaaan. I wish I could. But it’s weekend now. I’ll look at it sometime monday.

Hmm… actually it’s winter break now. So the week after that.


Nah I’m still learning and adapting to what I hear people say. And experimenting. The most important is the timing in and out of jumps and landing. Every new track has something I must learn.


Every time I can’t pass a level I watch replays and if I can’t do what they are doing I ask you guys how to beat it and u send me a clip of u beating it on bike 1 lol u know who u r.


@THR_MX_GOON @THR_Jogga72 r u guys passed career yet?


Yeah :joy: took me like 3-4 days. 2 or 3 for the regular and 1 for pro. Couldn’t play nonstop cause I also have a family lol :joy: but I gave it quite a bit of hours. Really wanted bike 7 badly :smiley:


think I completed it in a day or weekend. but as I stated earlier I spend that $ € for a fully upgraded bike 7 right away.

the bike helps… it really does


That’s awesome! Thanks for the support!!!
How much did that run you?


I need help I can’t pass loco on a stock bike 6 what do I do?


I tried to finish it to watch replays but the hills are too big so when you case them you can’t pedal up and your rhythm is destroyed @THR_Doucheman @THR_Birdshaw @THR_TacoBandito @THR_Jogga72 @THR_MX_GOON


What track? Keep trying bro honestly you will get it and when u do youll blow your load all over urself :joy:


That track is insane. To be honest some awesome guy I know spent like 300 rockets on a maxed out bike 7😀
But @JoeW723 for instance can take it on a stock bike 5. Loco isnt very fast if you hit the right line. But that’s not easy.


Yeah you’ll get it. Loco isn’t fast but make one mistake and he’ll get u. :smiley: I took the same line on both laps and that was easier then switching lines. But not fastest. You need to get over the wall both first and sec lap. Then get on top of the small tables. First and last. Then on to the bigger tables. First and second and then jump over the last table. Then dive down on the second to last downhill I think and over to the landing before those crazy uphill tables and then just swing it :smiley::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Alright battery is at 100% time to grind again.


how much did run you? I don’t know the expression. But idk what it cost. Believe I bought gold a couple off times to get fully upgraded bikes and some sweet lookin gear. And then still had to use some rockets :rofl: that’s how skilled I am. ps: was a little late for this tournament thingy like a week or so eheheh


Guys!!! Do you realize that it is 135000 !!! players on jam this week. Insane!! This game has shot through the roof!! :smiley:


Yeahhhhhhhhhh I’ve told like 5 or 6 of my friends.


Ive told all my friends. Turns out all my friends are dicks. Go figure.


When I land jumps do I tap fast or tap slow because you don’t want to wheelie right?


Tap like your trying to break your screen as fast as you can.