The OFFICIAL BMX2 Jam Week #10 Discussion

104,014 players in last weeks jam! NICE! Keep it up guys! Tell everyone you’ve ever met to download and rate it in the app-/playstore. What you rate it is up to you, but c’mon… You know it’s awesome enough for five stars.

The tracks this week are Gateways and Dreamland, and they are awesome!

Riders ready… Watch the gate… PLAY THE HELL OUT OF THIS JAM WEEK!


now to wait for uncleal or @jogga to find that sneaky route in each track. :fist: Screenshot_20180208-200630


Damn I could have been top 3 on dreamland. Had a lead over jogga then kept it low on a jump where I should not have -.-


Try again @THR_MX_GOON :smiley:
You need to wait no further @THR_TacoBandito :smiley:
Now I will get cracking on the first track. In the morning :+1::smiley:


@THR_Dutchwoman thank you man that line helped me out. It took me about 100 attempts it was an easy line just hard to hit perfect but I got it and then beat the boss now I’m saving up for bike 6. Any tips on how to earn money fast like should I grind easy, medium, or hard? @THR_Jogga72 @THR_Birdshaw @THR_MX_GOON @THR_TacoBandito

Try em all dude. I jam medium which usually ends up being hard lol

Yay ill have a looksie at lunch. :metal:

whoops I better go give it 5 stars! haha

My best advice is to beat Loco ASAP (not easy, Alltho Joe can do it on a stock bike 5!!!). After him you go to the pro part of the game and the money starts Rolling.

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Is Loco a boss if so do you beat him to get bike 7?

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Like bird said once you hit pro in career you make alot more, if u purchase premium youll get xp and cash bonuses.

Practice, timing is the main thing to remember though.

I spend money on gold when I started playin

Yeah he’s The last regular Boss. After 6-12 I think. It unlocks bike 7 which you probably cant afford at that time, but you will soon after.

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champ! eheh na I think I’ll go back to playin versus on this other game. there’s so many things I don’t understand on bmx2

Don’t give up man! It’s all about finding your own technique and watching and learning. You’re to good at these kind of games just to quit :smiley: plus we’re all beginners at this game. Except maybe the Betas :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


the watching and learning is really hard on here. Like on msm2 last week zse and dutchgurl gave me some pointers I can work with and can watch their attempts by the rider body movement I can kinda tell what they do and try it… and fail miserably. But I know what to do eventually you will start landing those tricks more often.

But with bmx I am clueless I just can’t see what I do wrong why does he make more speed than I do? to me it looked like we jumped and landed at the same spot and somehow he carried way more speed. even against my own ghost I can’t replicate it.

at steep jumps I really can’t tell what others do. they have more forward motion than I do. Like do they take off earlier? don’t jump at al, naa that’s not it… Maybe jump and push down a little right away? Or do they push down on the steepest part and where the angle changes hit for take off.


guessing you figured it all out and just trying to get that perfect lap in




Fuck you change it back!!! :joy::joy::joy: