The OFFICIAL BMX Jam Week #5 Discussion


The tracks this week were both made by @JoeW723 live on stream last night and are called Bomb Cyclone and Bird Flu (named after yours truly and @OnTheFrontLine who is a weak person and thus has the flu)

The tracks are really, really good and I’m badass at them… How badass are you?




First of all my time on track one has greatly improved.
Second, one of the best players in the game is faster than me… shocking


I like the tracks this week. However I’m behind both Greer and Joe. But I will get them! I will, I must :smiling_imp:


Uncle Al will fuck you up anyway😀


Yeah he’s a killer. But it’s really all about timing. And when I race against him I’m really close, even ahead sometimes. But then he doesn’t make mistakes and I make several so the outcome is always the same LOL :joy:


You can try, just remember, I still have plenty of room to improve


Nah! My guess is, you’re maxed out :joy:LOL


Well, although it was slight, I’ve already improved, on both tracks, maybe you’re the one maxed out😂


Hahaha :joy: well done :+1: I might be maxed out. Having quite the hard time with this weeks tracks.
But just as a reminder of how last week looked like. Some screenshots! :sweat_smile:


Ok this one to. But it’s not one I’m particularly proud of :confounded:


Not to kill your confidence, but I barely played last week


@THR_Jogga72 @Bgreer115 get fucked both of you :grinning: at least on this track :joy:


Me neither :joy:


Dude that’s awesome man :smiley:
But it’s only Friday. :joy:


I don’t care :joy: I’m proud of it :joy::joy::joy:


You should be :smiley::+1: it’s a great run :blush:
I just improved my self racing against you. I have just figured out the track. Just took like a hundred tries :joy: LOL and I’m pretty sure that i won’t stay behind you for long. It’s the start I suck at. BUT!!! I have discovered a new way to jump small tables :smiley:


Oh and btw! I’ve only played for little over 2 weeks :sweat_smile: so if you loose against me well… :joy:


Check my latest run and what I do at the small double table in the beginning :blush:


You realize that had you not missed that drop you would have taken the lead easily! I mean ww!! Would have been a 31s time for sure.