The OFFICIAL BMX Jam Week # 3 Discussion

Pence again it’s thursday and that means new jam tracks.
This week they are Jolly Jumps and Jingle All The Way… probably both by @JoeW723

Place your salt here.

This week i’m not having much time to spend on ms… probably will try to do the Master of efficiency achievement. Btw, does anyone know if it is 100 attempts in the week as it states in the achievement description, or 100 in the track as it states under the question mark sign explaining the achievement?

finally I uploaded all the statistics to the maximum without paying


@THR_Birdshaw why doesn’t the leaderboard show the latest run if u click someone else’s run to compare with :thinking:? I’m on bike 6 and set a decent time. But if I click on you birdshaw for instance it shows a run with bike nr 5?

BTW Merry Christmas to you all :smiley:
:santa: :santa::santa::santa::santa::santa::santa::santa::santa::santa::santa::santa::santa::santa:

Yeah it’s a bug that’s being worked on.

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Ok :ok_hand:

Hang at 2-10.
Can not even participate in the Jam Weeks