The OFFICIAL BMX Jam Week #20 Discussion

New Tracks are here.
They are Clean by @RoyalxHavoc, featuring a front flip. Very cool!
And Squeeky by @LesterWire, featuring a whole bunch of nonsense. What the hell is the matter with you, Gerdes?!

You can complain about Squeeky here.

Squeak was accidentally designed for bike 1 because I didn’t realize I was using that. Good luck with 7. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Well that explains a lot. Fast guys are doing a crazy bounce hop wall jump with another bounce hop at the top. May have been intentional but maybe you stumbled onto something similar to the motocross whoops bounce wall jump.

Man that wall hop is insane!!!

When I first attempted the seat bounce I cleared over it completely without hitting the wall at all, but haven’t been able to duplicate it. Waiting for someone to pull it off. All though a quick press down and keep the speed would be better

Yeah, flying over all of it seems slower than pressing down so you hit your back tire on the first edge of the wall.

Catching that downslant you did is perfection. I tend to nosedive and land on the upslant.

I still do that quite often, so don’t worry :smile: