The OFFICIAL BMX Jam week #2 Discussion


I keep beating you in the first lap of Sleeptalker, but then you do your whoop-de-dooper loop-de-looper ali-ooper taco bounce, that distracts me and i just screw my second lap…


Keep getting distracted please. Lol
Edit: Nice name drop :joy::joy::metal:


When I was like 5 my parents actually was planning a move to Australia :australia: with another family. Lots of workers needed in the 70:s down under, and I have 2 older brothers. So we could have been a great contribution. I was to young to understand but when I got older and heard about the “almost move” I was so angry with my parents cause they didn’t dare move. Think I didn’t speak to them for a week. Well at least for a day :joy:. That other family moved though.


Hm i just watched Taco’s replay on jam week #2 and it showed i beat him but im still behind? could be a bug that shows his run thats not his fastest


Still lookn for alot if workers man. Never too late to make that move.


Dude, Jogga is like 78 years old… Its too late, man.


True true :joy: fruit picking is for youngsters


Plus. Sooo expensive moving the hole family! Maybe if I leave them behind :thinking:




Fair enough. Well if u wanna get bitte, mauled, eaten or poisoned to death australia will aleays be here :joy::joy:


Yeah. Hate snakes :snake: but find them quite fascinating, totally disagree with spiders :spider: scared like hell of sharks :shark: same as snakes I find them truly fascinating, crocodiles are viscous and kills without remorse and makes it a terrible way to go out.
So when’s the next flight to down under. Heard they were looking for a new Steve Irwine :joy: that was his name huh (the crocodile hunter) LOL :joy:


This shit can go on and on and on and on and on and on…:sweat_smile:


He’ll never be replaced but ur more than welcome to try :joy::joy:.


I never finished, got stuck :joy::joy::man_facepalming:t3:


Last weeks jam i was racing joe for the top spot and this happened :joy::joy: phone went for a swim in the sprinklers hahaha


What line are you guys taking on both tracks.


hard to explain without watching the reply. just know the 2nd track has a crazy long jump


#THR :sunglasses:


Can you not watch replays? 1st track is pretty simple, 2nd is all over the show lol


I was in the wrong one lol I meant for MSM2.