The OFFICIAL BMX Jam week #2 Discussion


ya know i enjoy a nice free game when i can get one. :sneezing_face: spending money is bs!!!


It does… but since I’m still playing in beta, I can’t buy any premium… (with premium I’d been 40 already)…


I think we have 99 months on our profiles.


I do for premium tracks. but no for premium xp…




I have no premium but I’m level 32 nearly 33


Do we? I got the free week and it expires in an hour lol


When will bmx2 be released in Europe and rest of the planet :earth_americas: :sweat_smile:


We’re hoping within a month or two. It all comes down to what kinds of bugs and problems the soft launch reveals.


Ok. :disappointed: such a long wait


Yeah, I know. It’s worth the wait tho. But so far it looks like the testers did a great job weeding out the bugs.


I heard mid march-early april in europe.
-Reliable source


Yeez that’s a really long time to wait :unamused:


Im just kidding dude. Not long to go.


You really earned your title :wink: :slight_smile:


Hahahaha. Asshole.


Perhaps a move to Aussie land and I can play there :smiley: heard it’s less competition there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@THR_TacoBandito hmm I think we need to teach him a lesson :australia::pouting_man:t3::joy:


Hey i didnt choose the name :joy::joy::joy: i EARNED IT!!
Caps tax.
Come to aussie dude youll love it, anything and everything can kill u here :joy: bugs, spiders, snakes, sharks, crocs, kfc hahahah


Hahahahahaha :joy::joy::joy::ok_hand:

That will scare him away :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: