The OFFICIAL BMX Jam week #2 Discussion


I’m 26, on iPhone 7. And damn you @THR_TacoBandito with your stupid taco scrub™️


Am I good for my age haha,my phone is also pretty crappy but it does the job , gotta at least get a iphone6 but I spent all my money on a pc


I dont think age really matters


This is a super memory and unforgiving game. Any little mistake of some milliseconds, you may be behind by some 2 seconds. Hanging on on my top 1%


nah probably doesn’t matter about age , it should you old guys losing


I mean that parker guy is like 12 and one of the top players in msmx2


But yea makes since for a younger guy to not be as good, atleast untill i heard zse is like 18


Wow he’s 12 haha


Neither of the 2 parker guys that are at the top are 12 :thinking: the parker who was at the world championship is somewhere in his 20s…and the other parker is 16


Oh, well he sure talked and acted like one on the forums


Im just tryna get to level 40, I can’t beat my jam time , I’m level 31 so far


Haha my dude its all for show, honestly dont think it made much difference, i think i got a good boost after that scrub when i landed.


Who’s the highest level person so far except for like @bryan and @JoeW723, I’m level 31


im just saying but THR seems like they killing it in this game! thats all i see at the top of leaderboards


We are THAT awesome!
There MAY be a grain of truth to the fact that there are a lot of testers on THR tho.


Its bc THR is the best team ever.


It will never die in MSM2 until MSM3 comes out lol.


I’m lvl 30… haven’t play much this week… will focus to get to lvl 40 soon… i hope.


how you even level up fast lmao. im still only level 21 :frowning:


Premium gives you a 50% xp boost. Correct me id Im wrong, anyone.