The OFFICIAL BMX Jam week #2 Discussion


Im gonna regret Sharing this, ive done it but the timing is hard to nail.

Protip: The backflip button can be utilised as a srub button. Small kickers is easiest. Plain scrub but im claiming it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Tacoscrub™


Video in thr messenger chat


One of the first times I played I found that out by accident on a spine. I was so used to msmx2 that muscle memory made me slam on the brakes, except it’s a backflip button on here haha


Yeah ive had it happen plenty but lost my line :joy: its real helpful at high speed when approaching a small kicker that you cant hop straight onto, and saves that aweful lookin neck jerk :joy:


Well that’s sad , why did you pros have to come along and kick me down to fourth place haha


Some nice runs on the boards this week lads. Awesome! Ive had about 30mins today, my boss is being a full retard so i have to leave the jammin til monday, keep it up.


I want this game so bad do any of you know when its coming out in the U.S.


Hopefully within a month or two. We did the best job we could testing the crap out of it, but bugs are inevitable. As soon as these (hopefully) few bugs are weeded out, it’ll Be released worldwide.


Sweet and do you know anything about MSM3?


In the works not even alpha phase yet. But its coming.


It’s coming. Still as looooooooooooooooong ass way to go.


I can’t wait for it I’m sure you guys will make it better than MSM2.


Take your time don’t rush it or else it won’t be as good as it could be.


Is there a way I can be one of the testers whenever it gets to that stage? @THR_Birdshaw


Only if they need testers at that point… If they do you’ll most likely see a post on the forum where you can apply for testing


Ok thx @THR_Doucheman


But basically if you’re cool and active in here your chances greatly improve. Doucheman is actually proof that being cool isnt that important as he sure as shit isnt.


Lol ok thx @THR_Birdshaw I was active on here then I stopped now I’m back.


TRying hard to stay top 10 this week. Getting close (managed to get #5 in general).

Btw, finally i managed to upload the video of jam week 0, the proof i once won a jam week… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


like milestone cough cough