The OFFICIAL BMX Jam week #2 Discussion

Mo jam weeks mo problems
The tracks this week are Fly Guy and Sleeptalker!
Go race them a few thousand times and come back here to discuss, whine, brag, call people names (gently), you name it…

Both tracks this week were made by @JoeW723

I won the previous week, 2 more to go.

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Nice runs simen u bloody killed it. :metal:

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No fairrrr, i dont get to race the first week of bmx2

@THR_Birdshaw who bulids the tracks for bmx2?

More or less the same people as for MX. Having track info has been suggested and may be included in the future.

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I’m happy, and can brag, that i won jam week 0 \m/

Aye I’m coming first , hopefully I can hold my place hahaIMG_4442


im probably going to come back tonight and I will be like 20th haha

it is already possible to download it on android?:thinking::thinking::thinking:

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I’m winner #2 :slight_smile:



You can download only if you live in Australia, New Zealand or Malasia.

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First of the losers.


how can I see the result of last week?

Tap the calendar button on the top of the screen in the jam section

@THR_NinjaCatGuy simen hasnt played yet lol

I already took him down anyways

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Nooooice :metal: lol

First on both tracks, until Simon comes along

51’s for sure.