The OFFICIAL BMX Jam week #2 Discussion


Mo jam weeks mo problems
The tracks this week are Fly Guy and Sleeptalker!
Go race them a few thousand times and come back here to discuss, whine, brag, call people names (gently), you name it…

Both tracks this week were made by @JoeW723


I won the previous week, 2 more to go.


Nice runs simen u bloody killed it. :metal:


No fairrrr, i dont get to race the first week of bmx2


@THR_Birdshaw who bulids the tracks for bmx2?


More or less the same people as for MX. Having track info has been suggested and may be included in the future.


I’m happy, and can brag, that i won jam week 0 \m/


Aye I’m coming first , hopefully I can hold my place haha


im probably going to come back tonight and I will be like 20th haha


it is already possible to download it on android?:thinking::thinking::thinking:


I’m winner #2 :slight_smile:



You can download only if you live in Australia, New Zealand or Malasia.


First of the losers.


how can I see the result of last week?


Tap the calendar button on the top of the screen in the jam section


@THR_NinjaCatGuy simen hasnt played yet lol


I already took him down anyways


Nooooice :metal: lol


First on both tracks, until Simon comes along


51’s for sure.