The OFFICIAL BMX Jam Week #15 Discussion

None of you guys cared last week. Zero comments in six days… Thats a record of sorts. But here is another one.
The tracks this week are Crave and Banshee by @OnTheFrontLine and @JoeW723 I believe.
Do it!


I’m here this week birdshaw!!!

Banshee is my new favorite track!!! The line in that one is killer!!! Still working on crave trying to get that top spot!!!

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Hold down (as usual when going down hill), as you are about to jump you slide your finger up, down, up SUPER fast. If done correctly you get a boost.


For me it’s the other way around, really like Crave :smiley:

Edit : Also, congrats on 1st last jam week :wink:

birdshaw. no one cared last week because your monologues suck!

Jk its just you that sucks!

Jk i suck

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My monologues are great. I have the best monologues.

Make Birdshaw Great Again.

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Where you at on banshee vakna I need my top 3 buddy!!! And thanks you gave me a run for my money last week!!! Had to work for it!!!

I’m back with bmx this week, and I’m staying here! Ain’t got nothing to do on mx, trying to keep up with them top 64! Pfsst! Heck! I’m not good enough :sweat_smile:
Gotta give @RoyalxHavoc some competition! Btw congrats to 1:st place royal! :smiley: Nice going.

Thanks @THR_Jogga72 hope you can give me a run for my money!!! I’m not doing so hot this week!!! But haven’t really had time to spend on it either!!!

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