The OFFICIAL BMX Jam Week #13

Lucky number 13! Probably not for me… it’s as if you guys have gotten faster. A LOT faster. STOP THAT!
Anyway the tracks this week are Hiding Place and Cali Grinding.

Get in you favorite hiding place and get (Cali) Grinding.
See what I did there?




Awesome! Now I can pester you if you win only one of the jams.

Has anyone but me experienced a flickering screen lately on bmx? I did a few attempts on Hiding Place just to show you what I mean. If it’s just me who experience it, I doubt they will make an effort to fix it. So if you have the same issue! Let them know. :smiley:

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If its just you i doubt they CAN make an effort to fix it cause then its probably something phone related and not game related :sweat_smile: