The OFFICIAL BMX Jam Week #12 Discussion


This week is a very special week. This week is the week all you people stop being losers and beat UncleAl once and for all. Im looking at you @THR_Jogga72!
To do so we have a couple of new tracks. They are called Reptile and Deja Vu.

Less losing, more winning. GO!


Love the fast pace tracks this week!!!


Hi all , loving MSBMX2
I’m new so hope I’m in the right section , Iv been trying what the top guys are doing and with no luck , when mid air over a jump I see a lot of guys kick themselves forward mid air and just curious how it’s done.
I’d appreciate any help I can get
Keep up the good work #teamturborilla


Thats a good question. @THR_Jogga72. Youre probably the best player in here


There is a few things you can do in bmx. For instance the (scrub) as I call it which you’re referring to. You can achieve it with a numeral approaches. One which I use depending on jump, is to hold down for a while when leaving the jump like 0.1-0.2 sec. and then press up. That gives you a forward push and low flight if you do it right. Another way is to jump as usual then quickly tap down when leaving the ramp. Another way is to tap the flip button and then down. But I recommend you to just focus on the normal jumping. Because depending on how the jump takes you you either wanna jump in the middle of the ramp or at the very end or at certain jumps jump almost at the beginning of the ramp. And all that takes experience to knowing how and which jump to use to go fast or low or high and long. Just try to see what those in top 5-10 do and try copy paste. And practice a lot! You’ll get there! Just be patience. Regards! THR_Jogga72 :smiley:


@THR_Jogga72 you hit the nail on the head dude, holding down just after the lift of the ramp and pushing up was the one I was looking for , I just need to perfect it.
Watching the top 10 guys has helped also , I’m currently top 20 in the world so I must be doing something right.
Once again thank’s to @THR_Birdshaw and @THR_Jogga72 for all your help.


Just keep grinding :+1:


@JuicyJay1 why are you asking advice from us we should be asking advice from you. Top 20 in the world is faaaaaaaast!


@JuicyJay1 how much do you play jam?


Haha haha @Blucru562 I try hey , I’ve been playing MSMX2 for 3 years , when I heard bmx2 was coming out I jumped on the band wagon and got it pretty quickly , you can always learn new techniques and tips.


I play once a night for probably 30min


Jogga explained it perfectly already, just wanted to add something to make it a little bit easier.
When you get your timing good you can just slide your finger on the arrows instead of tapping the buttons.

I’m sure you already have this figured out though :slight_smile:


Any more tips?


Yeah… git gud!


Thx birdshaw


I’m trying


I don’t have natural talent like you :joy::joy::joy: