The OFFICIAL baguettes, wine, and Jam Week #177 Discussion


Bonjour. This week’s discussion will be mainly about baguettes and wine. How much is your weekly consumption? How much is too much? Where do you get the best baguettes?
When these and related topics are exhausted, you may move on to the tracks at hand. They are Guilty Party by @JoeW723 and Grendel by @rcboxer. Edit: WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU, RYAN?!
Have at it.


There’s never to much :joy:


@JoeW723 this track is amazing. I love it.

@rcboxer the fuck, dude? :joy:


I took one look at 6ft7’s run on @rcboxer track and put the ipad away lol


Why is it that you guys cant ever stay on topic?!
Now… I found this great Rosé with a splash of cherry. I tried the one with grapefruit, But that wasnt as good.


:joy::joy: you know who Grendel is right? The track fits the name I’d say lol

I made this kinda long time ago. I musta been in the mood to make something rough :grin:


I only know because I just looked it up, but yes. Very fitting. :joy:

You must have been in a sadistic mood. You literally learn it piece by piece. There’s no winging it. You have to know exactly what you’re doing or you throw off the rhythm. And you can’t learn what comes later in the right line if you can get the rhythm at the beginning so you finally nail the beginning and mess up the end because you don’t even recognize it. What the hell man. :joy::joy::joy:


Well that figures! Ive been wingin the everlovin f@€k out of it for the last hour and it has given me NOTHING!


I got one good run but I’m forgetting the 32nd bc I can’t make it that far agian and when I do I screw up


1st track, amazing.
2nd track, worst ever :triumph:


Dam @THR_LorkyMX2 I didn’t realise you were that close on last weeks jam!! Congrats man we killed it :call_me_hand::muscle::sunglasses:


First impressions this week!

First track :heart_eyes:
Second track , cmon man what were you thinking, some of us actually want to finish the dam track :joy::joy::thinking: @rcboxer :speak_no_evil:


@THR_Sam27 Yeah I wasn’t exaggerating when I said i was right on your ass last week. :cry:


I know this is only the first day but I 99.99999% positive on the second track the time I have set right now is the only I will set. I can’t even finish the d@mn thing​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::triumph:


I saw you did tutorial videos for the jam weeks on your youtube too… Good luck trying to show all the right line options for track 2 :joy::joy::joy: seriously though nice videos you got on there man! Keep it up! :+1:


Pretty good start i think :grinning: already into the 1:17s on my first day of playing the tracks :muscle::grinning:


The baguettes in the area are quite good alltho I tend to opt for Its bigger cousin, the flute.


Hahahaha yer you were close!

…Join the b team :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Finally hit that rhythm on grendel! It played off