The OFFCIAL World Championship Qualifying Discussion


Just curious! Does times set by Zse, Bragstad, masters52 count while selecting top 64 ??


Hi Guys wen is the Championship gonna start ?


Last years championship was awesome to watch :slight_smile:


This week is the first week of qualifying. Top 64 (excluding the three top guys already invited) will go on to the live vs knockout round. That’ll probably be at the end of this month. The real deal with the 12 best players on the planet will take place in Stockholm on the 27th and 28th of april.


Brags, master52 and zse are already past the qualifying rounds because they were the top three from last year.


Oooooh nice ill be on holiday then so i can watch. :grin:


MASSIVE WEEK, who’s going to make it to the WC!? I’m defiently putting in a lot of attempts! :joy::crossed_fingers: go and check out my first look and impressions of the tracks!


Are y’all using auto throttle for the nose wheelie on wait what? ?


So top 67 or 66 depending on if they all play


Something like that. So far it’s looking like all three of them will place in the top 64. Then there may be players withdrawing or de odd bogus time. All of that stuff will have to be figured out before the knockout rounds. But we have a couple of weeks to get there.


Will there be a check up for underage people. Guessing that several players who manage to qualify is.


Under 15? Several? I doubt it


I always thought that there would be a lot more chitchating here this week. Seems ppl are too busy looking to improve their times, and don’t loose time comming to the forums.


? I need help plz its the only part of that track I’m failing on


What part?


The nose wheelie part its with auto throttle right?


Actually the whole point of the nose wheelie is that throttle has nothing to do with it.


Watch zse you will notice he hits the brake to get his back wheel up quicker. Throttle has nothin to do with it.