The OFFCIAL World Championship Qualifying Discussion

It’s here! IT’S HAPPENING! The day you’ve waited for for more than a year. The World Championship qualifying is here.
Top 64 advance to the knockout face. In the end 8 people (plus 1 cash player and the top guys from last year) have already won the grand prize. A trip to Sweden where you get to hang out with yours truly. There may be some money and external glory in it aswell.

The tracks this week are Petrichor by @JoeW723 and Wait, What by @rcboxer

Race harder than ever for that grand prize.


Uhm… wait what!!! :smiley:



The eariler times that were set are gone. Any reason? (sixfoot, jogga, my time, etc…)

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placings are there but the completion flags are gone. Screenshot_20180308-184051

Your placing should still count, try beat ur set times to register again.

Roughly one hour after launch the devs found a problem that would have blocked thousands of users from competing. Therefore the times on track two had to be reset. We are very sorry for the invonvenience!

So are these times gone for goodimage

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I think so. But the week is young. How often do you set your best time for the week within the first hour?

Every week :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Pretty much every time for fuckhole

Well then you don’t jam nearly enough. Get cracking. Stop the loser talk.

Its time to jam!

Hahaha I’m not sure if you looked or not but it is a top 5 time

You did it once, you can do it again. 6 days, 19 hours and 29 minutes to go.

Gut das ich nicht unter den Top 65 schaffe … :smile:

Good luck dudes. :sunglasses:

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Youll need it on account of your sucking issues

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watch out here i come!

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Yeah, well😀