The name argument thread

Alright I’ve done it for you.
@ZEFFINGER @Cxlid @H20_Mint @THR_Shot and anybody else who feels like it, here’s your place to fight over name changes!


Sonic speed nc

@H20_Mint and @THR_Shot I don’t particularly like Jamesmichaelmel right now either after what he said about HDR and stuff, but changing his name to ‘poopyhead’ isn’t going to fix anything.
Just block and/or ingnore him on YT, discord, messenger, this forum, or wherever he is.
Not really that hard to do, and it will help a whole lot more than acting childish and messing with his name.


@WFO_SonicSpeed i want to change my name from bencike12 to Mike_Amiri

Go here and request it

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@THR_Birdshaw can you change my name from bencike12 to Mike_Amiri


For the last time, go HERE and request it

It’s not that hard

Idgaf about a name change, i’m just trying to take people out of SNG that were not accepted and change it to a relevant name.

@ZEFFINGER @THR_Shot @H20_Mint @Cxlid
Okay I don’t really wanna clutter up the name change thread with this but how about all of you guys just pick a name and stick with it for a while.

And if others want their name changed then tell them how to do it and they can request it for themselves. (Unless they’re joining a team, in which case the only people who do those changes are the team leaders)

At the very least agree on some ground rules about it all, because this is getting ridiculous.

Honestly if I was a mod on here…


I agree 110%


go some fucking where else bro @Adriano_Marinov , not the place for that kind of dumbshit, i hate cussing but yall are freaking driving me krazy and im not even changing these freaking names, so stop the stupid shit and make life easier for Birdy.


Wait @UFO_Saucy_ER, he’s new he doesn’t know on the forum, he doesn’t know the required names

Ok I’ve got to settle this, I check the forum from time to time, and there’s a lot of new stuff, but it’s literally all just one person asking for a name change (which is normal) and then I just see @ZEFFINGER being the little annoying thing he is, I’m not trying to cause a new problem, but I think we need to do something about a user has been…you know…a problem causer, @ZEFFINGER

// Cxlid


@ZEFFINGER this is why I asked are you stupid…

Do you not understand how teams work?

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@HDR_Tapt Speak well on the forum because I’m older than you and I’m not 14 years old

No more insults because I saw what you wrote

@WFO_SonicSpeed I’m keeping your promise

What does it matter that your older then me😂?

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