The Lightning bike

If i stay in 25% for the whole night and when the week refreshes will i get the bike customization

One more jam week after this…if youre still in top 25% after that youll get it

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Ok thx

You look like you’ll have no problem starting in the top 25

Curious if theres anyway my times can be put toward the Event. I Joined event each week but 3rd week it just started showing “havent played yet” but I already set times. Maybe my phone is just screwy. Should be somewhere around top 50 or so for all three weeks combined.

I have no idea whats up with that, happened for everyone i think… what i do know is that the devs are working on it so dont worry it should be fine :+1:

Ok cool, not gonna win it or anything haha. But still fun to try for top 100 or so

you need have internet and complete the bot tracks.
then you can wacht the 1% in display.

how is that?

I have to come under 25% once
or all three in a row.

I did the first two.
below 25%.

I will not manage the third one.

It would not work for me anyway.
to win this sticker.

because I own the electronic motorcycle.

Why can not you change the color and the sticker on the electronic motorcycle …

Unfortunately, you can not change the color of the sticker generally by its own color.
pity eigendlich.

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So to be eligible for the rider skin you had to compete in all 6 tracks over the three week event period yeah? If so I didnt get the skin.

Nevermind it unlocked after i played the 2nd track of this weeks jam lol

yo i was definitely in the top 25% (calculated it myself i was in around top 6%) and i didn’t get the bike skin. even after playing this weeks jam i didn’t unlock it like @THR_TacoBandito had done. any help?

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I have exactly the same problem, is there any way I can solve this? I have unlocked all the skins so far, and it is a shame that this is the only one I can’t get because of some sort of a bug (yes I did sign up every time the new tracks came out).

Sup fellow dutch guy! :grin:

quoting one of the devs in the discord to someone with this problem:

“Play this weeks jam missions, if that doesn’t make it show up, make sure that you are in version 2.7.12 or 2.8.0 (Not sure if that one’s released yet).

If it still doesn’t work, send a support email with your username and that your lacking the anniversery stuffs. I’ll go through the support mailbox once I’m back at work (Home sick atm)”

Thanks for the reply!
I have tried all the options you’ve told me, but it still doesn’t work. My username is awesomedrivercr. Is it okay if I reply on this email, or should I start a new topic in the forum?

Kind regards,

Marcel van der Maten

You gotta click the question mark button ingame to go to the support thingy, there you just tell the developers that you dont have the skin and your username and theyll help you out

So, should I then create a new ‘ticket’? I don’t know where I can ask my question…

Yeah just create a new ticket and then say your username and that you didnt get the skin

So I raced all 6 tracks and definitely got top 25% and I didn’t get the bike graphics or gear plz fix it

I don’t take support issues via the Forum, send an email to with your ingame username and what you wrote there and I’ll take a look the next time I man the support.