The hardest tracks

When I think about it, “Dolomites” come to mind.
I had troubles with it whilst climbing in Career Mode, and when it was in VS the other week I had as big troubles.

Wich do you guys think is the hardest track?
It could be Career, Jam or whatever.

Lets hear :slight_smile:

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Many of our players have agreed with this!

Haha, well there you go. I have’nt really discussed it with anyone so I dont know what people think of it.
But it sure feels good to know that more racers had troubles there :stuck_out_tongue:

I still have no clue about a correct line

Oh man that is one of my favorite tracks ever!!!

Allyn’s Inherent Trouble in week 79 was insane! Took me more than 20 runs just to get through it. So unbelievably technical that I almost broke my phone many times. But over a few hundred runs a came to love it.


There are some Jam tracks that are much harder than others. Dont remember the names tho…
I do remember Tech Woes being very technical, and once you nailed it by luck, you never did it again :stuck_out_tongue:

For what I see on my versus challenge this week was “Hard Place” with a time of 0:30.5xx or under no one did beat it!!

I f@#%*€g hate Dolomites great movie bad track


This is a common sentiment! :slightly_smiling:

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I actually entered Dolomites in Time Attack with bike 10 just now, and it was much easier than I remembering it from my career grinding.
A little break up to the table after the first big jump thingy then full throttle over the two (or was it 3) mega whoops, and then a little break to fly perfect over the last two. After that its just a walk a in the park :slight_smile:

Improved my time from 1:18 to 1:11 lol

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The hard part is doing two laps on Dolomites lol. It’ is much easier on bike 10 though. I think it’s a fun track.

Yeah Im not having any troubles with it now either. It’s all behind us now :smiley:

It is much easier with bike 10, but when it comes up in verses i make sure to run it, i can complete it 95% of the time correctly, my verses friends hate me for running it! LOL, the guys that usually smoke me can’t get that first triple right.

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The first retarded triple aint the hard thing about Dolomites if you ask me, its when you have to ease off the gas/brake and land perfect on the little flat space to gain enough speed to jump two or three of the big whoopiw jumps, cant remember now if its two or three. I always fail at that braking point…

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Thats the part i am talking about, i thought that was the first triple.
land off a table top, coast up, to land on small table top (but front tire usually needs to hit the lip on the small table) lift the front and drop the back tire down just in front the triple then lean back and get ALL of it, then you are home free from there.


Exit 237 - Jam track


Bc i was inverted - jam track

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Gettin shigzy with it.

:fu::zap:️:tornado::boom::ocean: Double Tap.


You just have to run it until you get super lucky like ufamea. :joy: