The general Cash games topic

We already have a support topic, but not a general chat topic for the cash games in Mad Skills Motocross 2, so here it is.

Feel free to share whatever you want…
Thoughts and tips and yeah, you know the drill.

Also, this is the place to ask questions that may not fit in the official support topic.
Stuff that other players might be able to help out with :slight_smile:


How in the hell do you race the invisible tracks, they are fun but the top guys do times I probably couldnt beat with a visible track :weary:

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You might want to look into it.

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Look whos talking :smile:


Im skilled in the art of shit talk.

So, another Endurance is on… 18 laps on a WC track :fearful:

Guys why is cash game always changing the helmet to white star helmet??? I always have to change it after playing cash game to Red Bull helmet. Plz fix that :(((

Here you go

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