That feeling when you're at work and can't play. Tell me your stories!

I’m at work and can’t play. Jam week ends in a few hours and I’m 2nd place in my state. FML

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Once I was driving tractor at the farm and my friend wouldn’t stop sending me messages about how he was beating me, it was the last day of jam I know the feelings

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All depends on what you for work eh. Im a loader driver and while im waiting for trucks to load… Out comes my ph lol im 2nd in my state and i only played the first two days of this weeks jam

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Jam starts at like 3 am for me so when I wake up I’m watching replays and loading tracks


I work my ass off in the mornings so I can have an easy afternoon to do “reports” aka play madskills.


Is the hardest time of the week when the week of jam is over and I have to go home to play without interruptions (only when my baby is quiet)

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I come in late play all day an leave early. FUKDAMAN! #THR_LIFEimage