Teams: WFO, LP, YG


I’m on LP :wink:


Well said @THR_Doucheman


To be fair about Parker calling me less than flattering things… I may have started the name calling a little bit :smiley:


“bothering us with it” my man you are literally trashing this guys thread with your bullshit like eat my dick lmfao, and for like the 100th time I never asked for my name to be changed to thr and thats what I told xavier so hop off retard


But since then me and birdshaw have called truces so fuck off with the smart ass responses


Dude I can take heat trust me, I simply responsed because all of you are trashing this poor guys thread


This is true. But please turn down the agression a little.

Goes for all of you.


See now this is exactly what I’m talking about… All i did was point out some stuff that happened in the past… Asked you not to bother us with negative thoughts… And first thing you tell me is to “eat your dick”… Well sorry dude but i ain’t gonna be nice to someone like that


See and this… You’re telling us to fuck off with the responses… Well i don’t know dude but if you ask me i think you’re the one that started this conversation again by once again saying stuff that’s not true


I don’t see him saying “fuck off” what I see is he’s saying to not worry about other teams and you shouldn’t, worry about your own if even that, it’s a fucking game, stop worrying about what other people on other teams!


Still don’t see it @Zse743? :wink:


And like i said… He’s calling us out on something that’s not true… I explained it above if you wanna read it… We don’t worry about other team stuff… We just start worrying about it if someone (in this case parker) starts pulling all sorts of shit against us in the process and starts blaming us for it


You know what guys… I think it’s best if we just end it here. I’m closing the thread.