Teams: WFO, LP, YG


Haha that’s the entire point he’s trying to make :joy::joy::joy:… You just joined TSR like 2 seconds ago and already trying to join WFO


It’s because I wanted to join WFO in the first place but I have to get to
25th in the world for three weks in a row but I wanted to join a team so I joined TSR while I see if I can get I WFO so if I can’t then get top 25th for three weeks I’ll already be in a team so yea


Well that’s not really fair to Sam who is the nicest guy ever.

Edit. Unlike me, who is an asshole.


Yea I can see that he is very nice but WFO has been the team I always wanted to join


Well then I would have stayed off team untill then. I dont have a stake in this, Thats just what I think is right.


Yea man I gotta start thinking smarter :joy: but I’ll Stay in TSR for a while until, I get kicked out or something but yea WFO has been my dream team


don’t listen to birdshaw, someone pissed in his cereal this morn… actually someone pisses in his cereal everyday


:joy: ok but I get what he trying to say lol


Bro your 5th in the us and I’m 8th in the us


Haha i just came into USA this week i actually live in canada


Lol :joy: @WFO_Quaid because remember my time was a 1:29.681 then I beat somebody on dead or alive to get a time of 0:48.220 then that brought my time to a 1:29.75 and right after I won on dead or alive I went to long defeat for like 10min and beat that guy to get me to a time of 1:28.951


Said the team surfer.




bro I can’t beat his guy on long defeat bro u know the triple before the one jump before The Who’s before the finish yea he scrubs that and like the only way I can pass him is if I can scrub the one triple be fore the whoops before that one triple I was telling u about dude it’s hard man.


What have I just witnessed??! people just talking about pissing in people’s milk, team surfers and really bad punctuation… In gone for 2 days and this happens :joy:


Sam is a sick lad, so nice.


I was gone for an hour😬… Went out to eat and come back to some bafunery😂


You THR guys worry too much about what other people do


To be fair i don’t give a flying fuck about him switching teams… I was just explaining birdshaws point to the guy… And actually i don’t know a single guy on THR who isn’t super easy going and chill…

The way this went is you switching teams and acting to the WFO guys like you were literally not part of THR ever and pretending like we just randomly added you to the team… Well add up the part where you started calling birdshaw a “cock sucking moron”, played cash underaged and started telling people in the chats for the daily challenges about how “trash” their “pussy asses” were… Yeah indeed now you might understand why some THR guys weren’t very nice to you…

So why don’t you just keep your thoughts about us to yourself instead of bothering us with it :+1:


Amén😂. If you can’t take the heat then get out kitchen my dude😜