Teams: WFO, LP, YG

What are the procedures for getting into WFO, LP, YB. I feel like i’m pretty decent at the game Top 500 in the world, and would like to see if I could join any other, more prestigious teams as these.

YG are pretty much the fast dawgs. Exclusive as shit top 5 usually lol. WFO are yeah, LP yeah. THR were the most glamorous, best lookin, funniest, loyal, ruff n tuff lovin bunch of goons. Were pretty much what all the hot chicks look for in a dude/mandude. We can chug beer, chop wood, play fetch with our doggos, play madskillz and bbq at the same time. yeah were pretty much what your lookin for dude. :metal::metal::taco:





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All of us are typically invite only - once you’ve hit top 25 at least 3 weeks in a row. However, keep playing dude and i’ll keep an eye on you. What’s your in game name?

THR_MotoR31 or THR_MOTOR25

The latter.

Can I join WFO I’m currently 68th in the world and 22 in us. In jam right now with a overall of 1:29.681

Hey man were not looking for new players right now, but like i said, you typically need to be top 25 overall for 3 weeks in a row. keep playing and feel free to message me if you are hitting those positions and i’ll see what i can do.

Dang dude ur a beast on jam with a time of 1:28.580 nice bro

Do u mind if u can give me some tips on how to do better

Hey thanks man, it’s not over yet, i think i can shave off a little bit more haha

As for tips, the number one tip i could ever give anyone is… BUY PREMIUM! If you dont have it, its so beneficial to watch the top guys, see their techniques and faster lines. Trust me. other than that… lean back and pin it Wide Fucking Open!!!


Lol damn right

Bro I just got a 1:28.951 and I’m currently 26 in the world and 8 in the :us: us my in game name is Bdog_154


Now I have to do it for two more weeks lol :joy:

Well I joined TSR until I can get top 25 for two more weeks :joy:

Then I can join u guys well maybe

Goddammit man. Just pick a team and stick with it. Its not like it matters anyway.

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What I am in TSR