Team ZEN player Inquisition

great idea but maybe you should make your own topic instead of putting an idea for a track in the team signup?

Hey no worries @Ladere it is a great idea bro!

Did we ever get the profile pics worked out for ZEN?

@KrazyT Want to change from Hadeuhhh to ZEN_Roo
Please my join ZEN team please!!

Uuuhhhh your going to need to talk to @KrazyT about that. And if u wanted your name changed go into the thread that says the official name request thread with 1.5K replies


If you would like to join ZEN, then talk to @KrazyT

Here in Arkansas we have some of y’all ZEN racers at the top of the jam leaderboards every week and I just wanted to say here publicly how much I respect this team and how much it means to me having such great competition to aspire too. Thankyou Team ZEN !!!

Wow thanks, we try our best :grin:

Will ZEN pay out weekly for top ZEN Jam riders? If so I’m in! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On another note, you guys need team pic template let me know. I did the original THR ones.

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THR_Shot did one, but then he kind of erased himself from the team, so I’m not too sure. I think for anything serious to happen you need to talk to @KrazyT.

Talk about ZEN being competitive, I just got 4th in the world in the second jam track. I’m literally shaking. I honestly didn’t know I was capable of this, but it happened. I’m going nuts over this. Holy shit.


Hell yes you did !!! :+1:

@Konfederate hey man we appreciate that bro, Team ZEN started in Arkansas, tho recently I moved up here to West Plains MO, I changed over to MO leaderboard for a little while but just didn’t feel right so im back on AR with my peeps :grin:

@f1ftyone Hell yes, get at me bro :sunglasses: probably better to hit me up on discord tho, sometimes i go a week or 2 without checking the forum just cuz not too much happening

@Konfederate also whats your in game name my brother?

@KrazyT Hey, I asked for team name ZEN in the official request thread, and you said for me to go here. So - what are the requirements for me to join ZEN? I really want to join (IDK why but this is my favourite team lol), so just say what I have to do and I’ll do it!

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@YT-EjDeR-09 hey man, was hoping you would come talk to me :+1:
Couple questions:
How long have you been playing msmx2?
What is the highest youve placed in a single jam week combined times? If not sure, approximate
What is your current placement in this weeks jams so far?
And just for shits n giggles, whats your favorite career track or tracks?

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@KrazyT Hahahah thx. So, the questions:
I started playing msm 2 6, maybe 7 years ago (I was inactive in the middle for a year and a half but I’ve been playing since then).
My highest Jam placement was about 45 in the world (something like that).
My current Jam placement is 69 in the world (right now when I’m writing this and yea, I know it’s a funny number lol) and just to mention, I’m almost always 1 in my country (Slovenia - you can check)
Hahahha I like this question: my all time favourite career track must be Fat Skinny. It’s just so consistant - even tho it has 4 laps. I was 7 in the world when there weren’t monthly rankings (that was a few years ago). I hope I answered everything and I hope I can get accepted, but even if I don’t I’ll just keep trying to join and get better rank.

Absolutely passed with flying colors my bro
Welcome to Team ZEN!!!:sunglasses::+1::+1::fist::grin: