Team ZEN player Inquisition



Proceed with your name and the gods will consider if you are worthy

My name in game currently is TM_SPACERIDER77 but I sent in a request to be TM_SOKUDO77 so if I’m able to join it would be ZEN_SOKUDO77 so… please?

@WFO_SOKUDO-77 thank you for your inquiry, however this round of recruitment is for a select few of some of the best in the game, we will be doing round 2 in the near future and are welcome to inquire again at that time, again thank you for your inquiry

Ok thanks :slight_smile:

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If you guys are a part of ZEN, then latte13 will get some profile pictures up for you, come to discord at Turborilla Discord, to access it, search “Turborilla discord” and it’ll show up. My tag is shot #4042, or just tell me your username and we’ll get to it. I’ll send the photo to you on here, or on a DM in discord.

It’ll look like this.

Is there any way to get it without going to the discord?

No tech genius here but… want to change from Papageeejah to Zen_PapaG
Can any1 lmk if I need to go to the name change link or what?
Homy Zen_KraTzy Said he already requested on my behalf but… ?

WTH…is that u Zen_KraTzy ? KrazyT beta tester? Lol or weird coincidence?

@PapaG hey dude, this is KraTzy, yeah I’ve requested your name as well as several others to be changed and still birdshaw has not changed any!! I mean not just Team ZEN, anyone’s that has requested in at least a week, go to the official name change request link, there’s been so many requests unanswered and unchanged, I’ve even hit him up on discord n asked but no reply, I know he’ll get em changed, it’s his job, but why it’s taking so long idk? Frustrating af, I do apologize tho, feel it’s making me and the team look kinda bad

@KrazyT look bad!!! Nahh… speed possessed… looks dope af!
Maybe just a lil procrastination on Birdshaw part, or just takin his time. Once I was told “sometimes you have to slow down to go faster” back in the ol racin days… maybe he’s trying that lol

Lol no doubt man :sunglasses::+1:

sure, just give me your IGN (in-game name)


I’ll go send one now. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wait… how are u going to send it?


Come again?