[ Team shit talk ]


ahh im sorry to hear about that dude.


and hey THR is badass dude


Hahah I’m not saying it isn’t but double Dutch rudders are pretty sick too


Im new to these forums… Could someone explain the point of being on a team?


Just for fun, and it’s cool to play your teammates on the team you’re on


Right on. Thanks bud


Some team will take you directly, others will set you up.
Top 25 of the best.
or subtract a time on the specified route.

If you want, you can join TM Team.
TM requirement is to have fun at this game.

Of course, other team are also available.



@Bragstad is no longer in Team YG? :confused:


Yep I saw that Thursday


Heard he was coming to THR…




Lol privateer most likely


Only way to know is to ask the man who all name changes go through @THR_Birdshaw


Him and kudla joined my team. It’s where you don’t have a team and play the game. It’s called nostalgia. But remember. It’s not real. And nobody is a member.


I wish dude lol


Totally agree dude. But ur dp looked waaaaay better with the pink banner on it… Wait did u Even rock the pinky banner? :joy: not to mention all of your times were like 3.000 faster with THR in front of your name​:joy::joy::wink::wink::taco::taco::taco::taco::taco:


Can i join


If you mean THR then yes :grinning:




A little bit of everything