[ Team shit talk ]

Since the team thingy in MSMX2 are getting bigger and better, and new teams poppin’ up every now and then, we might aswell head off to a fresh start with a brand new shit talk topic :slight_smile:

Kip, I have questions.

1 you entered TCR and it crashed. Bad timing. What really went wrong. You may summarize
2. TCR split into WFO and YG, if I’m not mistaken. Who are their team leaders and moderators?
3. On whose side is @TCR_Elvis_PR?

Bad timing my ass. They all split to get away from Kip😀
And @TCR_Elvis_PR (I’ll get your name changed in here if you want), our door is open.



People started being added to the team without talking to the rest of the team. Most of us enjoyed the smaller team. That’s when shit got hostile. People were throwing wheels. I took a spoke to the grill. This. Shit. Was. Fire.
So in the end, most of us were unconscious except two people. Krokus, STEVE-O and Djauzzi. While the rest of us laid in pools of our own blood and other various bodily fluids, they came to an agreement.
Krokus founded WFO and Auzzi, YG. We each picked our sides and history was made. RIP TCR. one door closed and another has opened. We still shred. We have forgiven each other for the broken bones and vulgar language. We now live in peace where we shall forever wreck THR’s world.

Steve-o edit because it was really my idea


These guys just get bored every Jam week watching TCR’s on position 1,2,3,4,5,6…
They just split in two different teams with balanced skills guys so they can make competition and have more Fun in the game from there!!:wink:
Me and like 8 more guys just want to keep as a solo players… TCR nicks will shut down in a couple of days completely!!
No bad feeling at All and keep it up!!:+1::+1::+1::wink:



TCR, in a bid to strangle THR of Top 25 position was busy poaching some of their fast guys and adding more persons (latest Kip and friends) which didn’t augur well. They aren’t bored of Top 5 positions

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Okay sorry guys… I apologize to everyone offended with that post… I know i took it a bit too far… What i meant to say was that the concept of teams was taken too far… The fun part was just getting overshadowed by the actual competitive part in my opinion… I hope this doesn’t happen again… Hope you guys respect my opinion and accept my apologies :grimacing:


You spoke it raw (what I had in mind 99%). I omitted that part. Lol. Shit happens. The boss is a great guy though. TCR was fun why it lasted.


On a lighter mood, the team WFO sounds more like UFO (Unknown Flying Object) :smile:

Just putting it out there (may be wrong thread)

Is there any interest in a Team competition? YG vs THR etc?

(with right concept etc obviously)


I’m in :smiling_imp:

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If it’s just for fun I’m definitely in! :+1: if it’s an actual competition i don’t think i am… There’s just too much difference in a team like YG who has some of the world’s fastest players and a team like THR that accepts players of literally any skill level… Wouldn’t really be a competition anymore since we already know who would win :thinking: (and don’t get me wrong we definitely have some fast guys on THR but for example i know even though i could get top 50 consistently myself if i really tried I’m just no match for players like zse bragstad and svendsgard)


I think a YG vs WFO and THR vs TSR could be interesting.


ZSE is WFO. :slightly_smiling_face:

I know he is haha just used him as an example of people in teams that i can’t keep up with :slight_smile:

Yeah i think that would be an awesome idea


Team events with five men teams could be so much fun, there are great possibilities in that… you could have team play offs in vs format where you race opposing team members 1v1, you could have jam track style relay races where combined team time stacks up against other teams, team endurances…
Not so hot on the idea to put money on the line tho. But others might.

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YG and Silverfox might like it, but no one else :smile:

Im looking forward to the next mx game, Im sure there is gonna be tons of fun including team stuff :slight_smile:

Oh Yeah man I’m in :+1::+1::+1: