Team features in MSMX2

We all know that there are teams in mad skills but you can’t really do anything with your team, chat, share runs challenge each other and chill! I think this should be added, basically just a feature to create a “team” or “band” if you will and others could join it! Or you could invite others to join it, make it private, etc there are many cool features that I think would be awesome if this could somehow be added maybe if not in mad skills mx2 then maybe in MSMX3 in the future I don’t know I just think it would be a great idea and awesome feature to have in the game, do you guys think we could make this happen :see_no_evil::smirk: (if you know what I mean) Lol so yeah :+1: :sunglasses:


Noted :writing_hand:


:grin: :+1:

If it were already in MSM 2 would be super …

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Maybe make it cost a little bit of rockets or something to create one? There are many possibilities

Maybe have like a team tournament or something like that.

I think they’re workin on the team challenges and tournaments for MSMX 3 boys, not positive but I have a pretty good idea👍🏽


Thx @YG_DJAuzzi

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We kinda have this already but not like an actuall tournament or anything but in jam team members change their location to a place were very few ppl play the game and set times during a jam at the and everything is added up to see who won. I participated in one with THR LP and one more, I forgot who and we got second. It was pretty cool but not an actuall event