Svendsgard, sorry

Okay guys… If you dont already know, I have to admit something… When I got disqualified from the world championhip, I was responsable for it myself. I played on another guys cash account, but only some races… But a few went to all the dailies + cash jam. First I did not think it would be a problem, but on second thought, I got a bad feeling about it. But unfortunately it was to late. I got the mail where it stood I was disqualified. And I now understand why playing for other people is not allowed😐 And how the other guys reacts. So I refused that I did it. I thought I could get away with it. Did not help. Only made the problem worse. Then two cases, playing for another guy, and lied… So sorry I lied to you, Simon and turborilla staff. And sorry for what I did. I’m so sorry. I’m the cheater…


That he’d to take alot of guys Alex. I have alot of respect for that
We all make mistakes but to publicly admit it and apologize shows alot about the kind of person you are!!!


@svendsgard I respect you for coming here and say you’re sorry. That takes some guts.

Sad that you’re disqualified though… I mean, even if you played on your friends cash account, you still are the most skilled player out there.

Once again, big of you to come her and apologize, and I hope you’ll stick around at the forum.
We are having a pretty good time here :slight_smile:


Good of you to come clean, man! Show balls!
Anyway even though you fucked up, you are more than welcome to come join THR. We’re nothing but screw ups having an awesome time!


Thanks! Already TCR… haha😂

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Thats how mans do!! :sunglasses::+1::+1::+1: thanks for your post Alexander !! TCR All tha way!!

The title is a bit awkward. I thought it was the other way round.

Wish it didn’t turn out this way. It seems because of the DQ, you took your mind off Eastern C-Board. Go win that race, fella

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I personally think that most are not mad at you. I think we all confused as to why you would do what ya did. Its a head scratcher! Its nuttier then squirrel terds!

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Yeah, like, aren’t you supposed to stay cool and win this thing?

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World cup is definetly going to be one man short that was supposed to be there, sad deal. But rules are rules. Good man coming on here admit his mistake.


I’m disqualified from the game till the qualifyer is finished…:grimacing:

Oops, that’s some Guantanamo shiii

Exactly like CountKasta said. Rules are rules. But even after the World Championship is over, I bet we all will be wondering who would have won it if you had played.


@svendsgard as they guys have mentioned, it really big of you to come clean like this. a lot of respect man :clap:.

every one makes mistakes, no one is excluded. I really hope that the kind staff of turborilla would reconsider disqualifying you, because in my opinion your post shows that you have learned from your mistake among other things. and thats what is important.

Cheers buddy.


While I have nothing against @svendsgard (he’s gonna join THR soon anyways), I don’t agree. The cash games are pretty big bucks and by sameing you can claim much more than your fair share. Therefore the zero tolerance policy is good and the ban is well deserved.


Wow Alexander, you are the best and to take yourself out of the cash like that was so unnecessary… I admire you for telling the truth after you were caught and not continuing to deny the facts… You are a champion!


I kind of agree with you:) Cash play is a big deal…

I kind of feel like part of your punishment should be to pink the shit out of your bike and proudly wear a THR tag! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

In all seriousness, it takes courage to come on here and own up to it homie. Good on you buddy.

Also come be on THR with the rest of us…


I don’t get it, how could wearing pink gears and wear a THR tag be a punishment? :confused:
Long live the unicorn! :tada: :unicorn: :sweat_smile:


So what’s got on here. You used a mates account to win him some money?

He did something he knew he wasn’t allowed to do and he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.
I don’t think more details are needed.