Supercross tonight! How are you watching?

Hey guys who’s pumped for supercross?!?! Who are you going for? And how are you gonna be watching it? Lets get hypeeeedddd


Yeah good it back, but man. I don’t know what think of Eli. He needs get a TUE for Adderall or something. Done it his whole career pretty much. Random crashes from concentration issues. Put himself in a hole again. Hope he gets it done

Yeah he’s just like james Stewart a couple of years back, fast but always some random crash that hurts his points lead or something

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The fact that he stoped to buckle his pants😂

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I always thought stewart pushed too hard all the time. Real fun to watch but being right on the edge 100% of the time pushes people into bad wrecks.

Tomac just cant get his head right. Happens all the time to him.

My two cents.

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