Still can't get past track5-11 help do I need the rockets


Help me get past track 5-11 not sure what I’m doing wrong


you never need rockets to progress. just practice, try new strats and lines and grind. then it will come


Try watching the Turborilla show from tonight. Justin tried to do a walkthrough. Its right towards the end.


I finally got past it




Congrats dude. Now the feeling after completing would of felt either…
1: Relieved you finally passed.
2: Mad because it held you back For so long.
3:So happy you wet your pants.
4: Meh!
5: You blew an uncontrollable load all over your phone.
6: All of the above.

For me it was 6 :joy::joy:. I had a really tough time with that track everytime a new build came out during its beta phases Never have i felt more than two emotions before i first played Turborilla games. Lol good times. Congrats dude. :metal::metal: woop.


For future reference, @JoeW723 made this youtube video for 5-11