Steve-o-lantern helmet

Steve-o-lantern Steve-o-lantern

Hallowed helmet or Steve-o-lantern helmet

Lightning Gear or Sky gear

Hallowed and lightning

Yeah I got almost every gear. Except for the fly exclusive gear and some other ones. I’ve spend around 40 to 50 dollars on this game

I think I’ve spent 30


What you doing rn. Me. I’m on my way to chick-Fil-A

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man i wish i had chick fil a right now, my uncle owns all of the East portion of the US’s chick fil a’s

I guess I win I spent like 70

I don’t have chick-fil-a where I live :sob:

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that sucksssss chick fil a is amazing

do either of yall play fortnite? @Wuzzup1234

No I don’t

I play lots of mortal kombat

And Payday#2

ok i was gonna play it with yall if yall could play @Wuzzup1234

@DrXpY_YT nice job on beating Bragstad

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