Speed-run on motocross 2 and bmx 2

hello guys I want to propose this idea:
the idea itself is to pass all the maps of one of the turbo games in the shortest possible time this upload it to YouTube and go see who has the best time possible

in the case of bmx 2 only could be done with a bike at the maximum level (currently 28).
on the other hand in motocross 2 any motorcycle can be used for the reason that everyone can use the same level

to start the speedrun wait 10 seconds of the recording and to finish another 10 seconds (since at least I would not know how to add a timer)

the sprint race starts when you start on the first map (the first tutorial) and ends when you pass the final of the last map

then I will leave a link and a mega file so if they have a computer they can have a better perspective of the times also if you want they can add the capture of the times they have achieved:

I know this will take time until there are good times but I want to see what they can do

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We plan to do a speed run through BMX2 on our Twitch channel on Friday at noon CST! Four of us will be racing to see who can do it the fastest. You should come check it out. We will also be giving away some shirts!


Generally speaking, you usually do speedruns on Twitch or other live channels. With Web-cam + Gameview + the tracker on the side.

And Iā€™d use the bosses name rather than the track names for the BMX2 stuff.

These are good ideas.

Yes indeed. Though BMX2 would require insane skills to be able to get through, especially with the RNG of the Quick play to grind cash (Unless your crazy crazy good)