Social/general question. How old/young are you and do you ride?


i am 24 years old, i have a byke Honda well. i go to where ever.


im 14 and ride mx and enduro on a yz85 not really a gamer just play for fun and i kick ass in state records for jams also i do mx in real life also add me in versus irs CPACABOOSE


I’m 14 and race bmx. I used to ride dirtbikes but started racing bmx and it was more fun to me.


I thought this was a new topic, but i just have never seen it before. Anyways I’m pretty young, 13. Currently racing, transitioning
from a crf150 to a crf250. I just grip it and rip it, as you can see in the new jam topic😉


I’m 14, I don’t ride, (even though I’ve always wanted to) and I’m a HUGE racing fan


34 an have always liked to ride… three wheels two wheels four wheels… all fun… nothing professionally… now mostly just ride with my fingers, lol, and go to work every day…


What’s your in game name?




Im 25, ride a YZ 144 (yz 125 with a big bore kit) and actively race. Live 10 minutes from REDBUD :metal:


That’s awesome!

  1. Wife wont let me ride anymore (came off a gsxr1000) :sob::grin: ride MTB and BMX now.